Taking care of your Damascus Knife is not easy, but it is not impossible too.

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The exquisite pattern and robust blade of the Damascus steel knife can get prone to rust and damage over time. So, here are a few tips on taking care of the Damascus knife.

Keep it clean

Keeping the Damascus knife clean is the best way of increasing its durability. But, even if you have the best knife set for professional chefs, carelessness from your side can decrease its life. So, a better idea is to clean the knife with a soft cloth after using it.

Avoid abrasives     

Abrasives are harsh and can leave permanent damage to the Damascus knife blade. So, avoid using abrasives like rough cloths, steel wool, metal polishes, etc. They can affect outer layer of your Damascus knife. In this way, the Damascus knife will lose the wavy pattern achieved from knife blade laser etching.

Sharpen the blade

The blade of almost every knife becomes dull after some uses. Instead of throwing away the Damascus knife, you can contact a professional knife sharpening service and make the blade robust again.

You can sharpen the blade as many times as you want. However, make sure not to sharpen it too often. Sharpening the blade once will keep the Damascus knife functioning perfectly for several uses.

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Keep it rust-free

Unlike stainless steel knives, Damascus knives are prone to corrosion. If you keep the knife in moisture, the blade will rust quickly. Besides, storing the Damascus knife in a leather cover can also make the blade rust because the chemicals used in tanning leather can cause oxidation of the knife’s blade.

However, dry and clean environment will not make the blade rust.

Lubricate it

If your area faces a moisture and wet environment, you can protect your Damascus knife by lubricating it.

For this, we recommend drying the Damascus knife with a clean cloth and waxing it. Lubricating the blade with a thin layer of wax can do wonders and protect your Damascus knife from corrosion.

Many Damascus knives also come with a stainless steel blade. Thus, they can resist corrosion to some extent. However, we still recommend lubricating the Damascus knife to keep it in the best condition.

Be careful with the usage.

Although Damascus knives are regarded as the best Japanese kitchen knives, you need to be careful with their usage. Otherwise, you will be decreasing their life with every use.

Damascus knives are not suitable for cutting acidic fruits because they can affect the etching of the blade. Also, avoid using the Damascus knife in wet conditions. When using it outside, keep it dry most of the time.

After using the Damascus knife, a better idea is to wash and dry it immediately. Again, don’t use a harsh cloth. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth and rub it gently on the blade.

How to Take Care of the Damascus Knife?